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I am a 6th grade Earth Science teacher at a public school in the Atlanta area and have always felt the need for social issues in whatever you teach. While certain aspects of teaching science are easy to link human and environmental rights, it is not always easy to do so without support and access to the multitude of resources that are out there. I can find many resources for subjects like social studies and even math, but an extensive list for science is not as easy to come by. I hope that this page will be a good start in getting these resources organized (so I can better use them during the school year!) and that you will email MAPS if you have any other resources I should add to this!

Science Educators Unite!

Why Science and Social Justice?


Science websites
Green Teacher magazine
One minute to save the earth video
Atlanta Science Tavern for nonscientists to discuss current issues.

Science curiculum/activities/sources
Sharing Nature with Children- Joseph Cornell
A People's History of Science- Clifford D. Conner
Climate Change lessons from Rethinking Schools
"How to be a Climate Hero" by Audrey Schulman

Free video
Paradise Lost : global warming in island nations

Science pedagogy
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