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Georgia Students for Public Higher Education (GSPHE) is a coalition of students across the state of Georgia who believe that education is a right and should be affordable for all of us. We are for quality, accessible and truly public higher education in Georgia. GSPHE recognizes that:

1. We as students and workers did not cause the economic crisis, and so we should not have to pay for it. An equitable solution is to "chop from the top" through administrative cuts and tax increases.

2. Whatever the argument against tax increases on the top income brackets, those will hurt us less than severe education cuts.

3. In times of economic crisis, it does not make sense to cut education. Higher education is people's best way to obtain re-training for a changing economy and strengthen their contribution to society in the future.

Furthermore, we demand meaningful student, faculty, and worker representation on the Board of Regents and budgeting committees concerning the USG.

GSPHE is against the narrow reshuffling of budget priorities in ways that hurt other services and workers in the already embattled public sector. We support workers within colleges and universities, from the person who cleans to the person who grades. We acknowledge the dual role many students assume as both students and workers, inside and outside the college and/or university.

Powerpoint from GSPHE conference on 8/7/2010: MAPS workshop on corporatization in K-Higher Education and how we can better work together. Included are responses from participants in break-out sessions:

Contact: georgiasphe@gmail.com Facebook group